Back at it

I finally made some time to finish another couple pages…felt good to make some progress!  I am back at school starting tomorrow, so I know I’m going to have to schedule in time to work on more pages in the next few months to get this finished.  I hope I can keep it up!

I finished the rest of the page that goes with the letters I did first.  It was pretty easy, just sewing velcro onto one of my background pages.

I wanted to have enough lines so several words can be ‘written’ at the same time.  I do still need to make a storage page for all the letters, but that will have to be another day!

Velcro in use!

The second page I finished today I started a few days ago.  This page uses three types of closures: two buckles (different kinds) and D-rings, like on a belt.  I know this is pretty advanced for WAB at the moment, but many examples I looked up before starting this process commented that the buckles page was a favorite.  I started by cutting the ribbon and holding the edges up to a lighter to melt the ends to keep them from fraying.  I should have waited to do this until I started sewing, because I ended up doing most edges twice.  I cut the ribbons long so I had some to play with as I decided where to place them on the page.  Ah, well.  They are all on!



I used my sewing machine on all but one spot.  The top buckle was too thick to put down the foot on my sewing machine so I did that side by hand.  Very simple page!

So, four down, 17 to go!  Wow! :)

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